When searching the library catalog, you may come across items that are not available at Rasmuson Library.

When this happens, there may be an option for you to place a hold on an item, and have it shipped to Rasmuson Library.

To place a hold in the library catalog

  1. Start at the library catalog and search for an item.
  2. If you see No copies at UAF Fairbanks campus libraries this means Rasmuson Library doesn't have a copy.
    Example of no copies of a book at Rasmuson Library
  3. To get this item, click Place Hold and login with your library catalog credentials.
    Place a hold
  4. Select the library where you would like to pick up the item (UAF Mather or UAF Rasmuson) and click Place Hold(s).
    Select the item you want and click Place Hold(s)
  5. Verify the hold was successful and click OK.
    Verify the hold was successful and click OK
  6. You will not receive a confirmation email, but you will receive an email when the item is ready to be picked up.