Screenshot of the Find It! icon
Click Find it! to see if Rasmuson Library has access to a specific item.

Don't get frustrated! If you are running into trouble with Find It! contact us right away!

Many things can happen after you click Find it! Below are common occurrences. 

You see a page with a various links/options

If you see a page that contains various links, click the links to see you can access the item in full text.

Screenshot with different links to possible full text options

There are no links except to the Library Catalog and Interlibrary Loan

If you see a page that only has links to the library catalog and interlibrary loan, it probably means the item is not immediately available. Don't fret! Request the article using interlibrary loan.

Screenshot with no databases options; request the item using Interlibrary Loan

You see a white screen

If the page loads slowly or you see a white screen, click UAF Full Text Results

Screenshot of white screen after clicking Find It!

You see an error message

If you see an error message similar to the one in the image below, take a screenshot and email it to Kit Shannon,

Screenshot of proxy server error message

You see the journal page, not the actual article

If you see a page that shows the journal information, but not the actual item, search the journal page for the title of the article you want.

Screenshot of a journal level page in ScienceDirect